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Champix Warnings

Champix, the anti-smoking medicine is to be administered in accordance with the instructions of the doctor only, moreover there are specific precautionary measures that are to be adopted before you move ahead to administer the smoking cessation drug chantix.

The champix warnings are, namely:

  • People aged below 18 should never opt for champix.
  • Champix is not meant to be taken by pregnant women. Altogether breastfeeding women and those who are planning to become pregnant should inform the doctor properly before opting for champix.
  • Champix is not experimented on people suffering from severe mental illness and so if you are suffering from a particular mental illness or if you have a history of mental illnesses, you should consult the doctor adequately before proceeding to take champix.
  • Champix can cause serious drug interactions with other medicines and as such if a person is using blood thinners, asthma medicines, insulin et al he should inform the doctor before using champix. Altogether, champix is not to be used along with quit smoking therapies such as the quit smoking drug zyban,nicotine replacement therapies,namely,sublingual tablets,inhalers, nicotine patches,gums,lozenges etc.

Other Champix Precautions

  • Before using champix, you should inform the doctor if you have kidney difficulties, convulsions or if you had undertaken haemodialysis treatment.
  • You should never take any champix medication that has expired.


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