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Chantix Efficacy

Studies have shown that Chantix works better than a placebo in helping a person to get away from nicotine addiction. Participants who were part of the research on the efficacy of Chantix reported that withdrawal symptoms as well as the pleasure level of smoking were reduced after they took Chantix.

Though Chantix is not 100% efficient at curbing nicotine addiction, it is found to be far more effective than Zyban and some other nicotine replacement therapies. A study also found that Chantix works best only for the first 24 weeks of the medication. And many people found it tough to quit smoking during the first 12 weeks. Chantix may not work for everyone, but its success rate that hovers around 14 to 23 percent is definitely far better than other smoking cessation alternatives available in the market.









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