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Chantix Working

Chantix works like other smoking cessation drugs and therapies; however there is a certain characteristic of Chantix working mechanism that makes it unique and different from the rest. You need to understand the working of nicotine (tobacco) to understand the role Chantix in your quit smoking campaign.

When you inhale nicotine by smoking a cigarette, it binds with the nicotine receptor cells in your brain to release a chemical called Dopamine, which gives you the pleasing positive sensation. When you stop smoking abruptly, your body will experience signs and symptoms like irritability, insomnia, loss of concentration etc due to the absence of dopamine.

Chantix like other stop smoking drugs and therapies releases a low level of dopamine in your brain and assists you in fighting the craving for nicotine by effectively handling the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. But unlike other drugs, Chantix has an additional feature of blocking the nicotine receptors in your brain. So even if you relapse and start smoking again, nicotine won't give you the pleasure effects anymore. When smoking becomes a less pleasurable exercise, quit smoking becomes easy.



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