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Champix is another name for the quit smoking medicine Chantix and is available for sale under this name in the European countries since 29th September 2006 when the European Commission granted approval to the brand Champix. What is interesting is that the name Champix was, first of all, recommended by the manufacturer Pfizer Incl. as the brand name for their product Varenicline Tartrate but as this name was not approved and accepted by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), Pfizer Inc released this anti-smoking drug under the name Chantix in the US market.

In the European countries, the anti-smoking medicine Champix has proved to be duly effective in helping people get rid of nicotine addiction. The quit smoking success yielded by Champix can be attributed to the functioning process of the drug. Champix functions merely by binding with the nicotine receptor cells located in the brain and triggering off effects similar to those shown by the addictive substance nicotine. As a consequence, the smoking addicted individual doesn’t feel the need of nicotine any more and gets rid of nicotine addiction.

However, the definite advantage of champix is that it considerably reduces the urge of a smoker to inhale nicotine and altogether champix usage significantly lessens the chances of falling prey to nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

For success with champix, the drug is meant to be administered for a 12 weeks period. However, on the recommendation of a doctor, this medicine can be taken for another 12 weeks which is further likely to increase your chances of permanent quit smoking.







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