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Quit Smoking Stories

Stories can inspire people to go the extra mile; so motivating and instilling can stories be, that they can at times turnaround the impossible into a possibility. Smoking, they say, is a habit very much like a cobweb before it turns into cables. It is not surprising, given the fact that many take to smoking thinking it'll be the only time they are taking a puff before they turn into hard core smokers overnight. Smoking is a vice that needs many inspiring quit smoking stories; they can do wonders to your quit smoking program.

Having seen the quit smoking stories work smoking cessation miracles, we have compiled a list of some of the best heart-rending and touching stories that can aid in any quit smoking program.

These are real life-stories, stories of people with grit, will-power and sheer determination who have quit smoking in the face of numerous roadblocks, hurdles, odds and obstacles that came their way.

Get inspired by these stories and have a final go at your quit smoking objectives.



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