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Health Centers

What Are Health Centers?

Health centers, run by the government as well as private organizations are basically aimed at providing healthcare facilities to the medically undeserved people with low financial capabilities. Health centers generally offer primary healthcare programs for free of cost and in a certain health centers, a minimal amount is charged as fees. Some of the health centers are namely,

  • community health centers
  • primary care public housing health centers
  • Health centers to take care of the migrants and homeless etc.   

 Key Features Of Health Centers: An Overview

  • The first and foremost significant feature attached to health centers is that the poor and deprived section of the society is entitled to receive the healthcare facilities
  • There are healthcare centers that look after patient healthcare in a small region and are responsible for patient care within the specified territory. However there are also national and international health centers where public treatment is offered in massive scale.
  • Some of the healthcare centers also provide patient transportation services alongside treatment facilities. Under this particular facility, patients are offered free transportation to healthcare centers. 

Online Health Centers

Online Health centers basically refer to the online websites that provide health related information free of cost to the public at large. There are many such online health centers from where one can easily access information related to a disease or its cure.

The Role Played by Health Centers in Boosting Public Health: A Glance

  • Health centers now a days provide state-of-the-art treatment facilities to patients and as such by being admitted to these centers, patients can ensure safe rehabilitation.
  • With the arrival of the internet age, online health centers have also sprung up where patients can register themselves and avail these services.
  • By coming in contact with health counselors at online health centers, patients can avail comprehensive health information and start their treatment.
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