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Zyban Efficacy

Zyban is an effective medicine that can help in smoking cessation. Studies have shown that Zyban can reduce the severities and difficulties associated with nicotine cravings and other symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

In a research conducted to study the efficacy of Zyban in comparison to a placebo, it was found that at the end of a seven week treatment, only 27 % of the patients who have taken Zyban had problems with smoking, while it was 56 % in case of the placebo. The treatment to help a patient quit smoking would normally take seven to twelve weeks, with the patient giving up smoking completely after ten days into the program.

The efficacy of Zyban is not very different from other nicotine replacement therapies. Patients using Zyban has double the chances of recovery from nicotine addiction successfully in three months time as compared to the patients using placebo group treatment.




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