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Zyban Working

Bupropion hydrochloride, the main component of Zyban, is a medicament that acts on the brain to aid nicotine dependant people to give up the addiction. However, the exact nature and scientific mechanism on how Zyban works to get rid of the smoking menace is not known. Bupropion affects the neurotransmitters (chemicals stored in the nerve cells) in the brains that are responsible for controlling mood variations.

When nicotine is inhaled into the body, it combines with the receptor nerve cells to release dopamine & norepinephrine that give you the pleasure effect or the feel good sensation. Bupropion contained in Zyban prevents the re-absorption of dopamine back into the nerve cells. Hence, by increasing the amount of dopamine free to act in the brain, Zyban curbs the craving for nicotine.

Zyban takes time to start working on your body, so it is advised to start taking this medicine even when you are still smoking. But you need to set a target date to quit smoking somewhere in the second week of taking the medicine.



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