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Champix Efficacy

Champix is a clinically approved medicine to facilitate quit smoking and only after being approved by the European Commission as an effective anti-smoking drug, this medication has been made available for sale in the European pharmaceutical market. A whole lot of clinical trials conducted to evaluate Champix efficacy have yielded the following results:
  • In comparison to people opting for placebo to counter nicotine addiction, people administering champix to get rid of smoking addiction are four times more prone to trigger off smoking cessation at the end of 12 weeks` treatment. However, in comparison to the people taking placebo, it has been evaluated that people administering champix are thrice more likely to abstain from smoking for a period of one year after completing 12 weeks` treatment with champix.
  • With regard to champix efficacy, clinical experiments have made it apparent that around 40% people who have resorted to undertake champix treatment have successfully triggered off smoking cessation at the end of the 12 week treatment period.


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