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Help and Information Centers

Help And Information Centers: A Peek

A plethora of help and information centers scattered over the cyberspace offer a range of services such as information on alcohol and drug abuse, informative details on pregnancy as well as assistance in pregnancy, help to children suffering from sexual abuse or any specific ailment and other similar services. People belonging to the country/zone where these health and information centers are based can avail of their services and can also take advantage of the online services offered by some of these health centers and discuss their problems thoroughly via online consultation.

Some of the Online Health and information centers that offer substantial guidance as well as instructions to people on alcohol intake, drug abuse, pregnancy, child sexual abuse etc are listed below:

  • The National Alcohol And Substance Abuse Information Center
  • Pregnancy Help and Information Center
  • Childhelp

How To Avail Of services From Health and Information Centers?

  • Help And Information Centers having specific online addresses can be contacted via email and their services can be availed of. The e-mail sent to the Health and Information centers should contain the proper address of the sender and also the problem faced by him or any one of his acquaintances should be spelt out clearly.
  • If online service facility is not available with a specific health and information center, it can be contacted via post
  • Generally, the online help and information centers make their services available round the clock and as such individuals can contact them in accordance with their own convenience.
  • All the profit as well as non-profit health and information centers have their own helpline numbers for help seekers. If people facing problems reside in the area where these health and information centers are active, they can ring up at these centers and derive suitable solutions to their problems.
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